Thursday, October 28, 2010

Craft time

I have been trying to get some crafting in while I still can. I love having my own craft area. It makes it so much easier to have a room that I can start projects/messes & leave them to continue another time without destroying the dining room table or living room. In our one bedroom apartment I didin't even have room for my sewing machine, so I had to sew at my parents, which was not conducive to spontaneous projects. Here is a list of a few projects I have been working on.
  • I have been working on some taggie blankets for all of the cute new babes that have arrives in the last few months.

  • A diaper clutch to help organize our diaper bag. (picture to be added later)

  • Some nursery embellishments.

Squirrel for a modified Mobile.

Acorn for the same mobile

Finished mobile

  • Curtains for Al's office & the baby's room.
  • A wristlet to keep my things in the diaper bag & a new change purse that is large enough to keep money, ID, & some cards if I needed.
  • Most recently some tomato pincushions I saw on the Martha Stewart website. as usual they didn't quite turn out like Martha's picture perfect crafts, but they make me smile every time I sew.

  • I have a few other projects in mind, but we will have to see if I have time before our baby decides to arrive.

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