Thursday, September 9, 2010

Amazing Quotes

There are time when I wish I had a better memory, even pre-pregnancy. I love fabulous quotes. Not quotes by writers, historical figures, or politicians, although some are amazing like one of my faves from Winston Churchill "Attitude is a little thing that makes a BIG difference". I have a love for real life regular people quotes. As I have mention in a previous post writing & grammar are not my strong points, so when people succinctly encapsulate a feeling or experience I relate to in an amazing quote. I am always so speechless, which for me is amazing. Today there were three quotes I loved.

The first was from a blog I follow Alphamom.
She described diapering as toddler with this quote
"trying to change a toddler is sometimes more like wrestling with a greased pig in a pile of mud"
If you have ever tried to diaper a toddler, this is an amazing accurate quote.

The second quote and I think my fave of the day was from a friend of ours Jeope "Awesome" Wolfe on facebook of all places. Who was congratulating another friend of ours Christine on her recent engagement. He gave one of the most amazing descriptions of engagement & the final commitment of marriage in a way I have never hear before.
"I loved being engaged! The beginning of a most excellent adventure!"
I loved this statement. If you could see Jeope & his equally lovely wife Kerry together you would know that this truly came from his heart. I love hearing positive statements about marriage in a world full of negative ones. I could easily write a longer more extensive angrier rant than my recently posted pregnancy rant, about "advice" people chose to tell you prior to marriage. None of these statements comes close to how incredibly positive, & heart warming his quote was.

The third was amazingly also on Facebook. Friends of ours Stacey & Joel just a baby & was excited that amazingly they were able to sleep for 6 hours with a new born. A contact of hers made the most amazing statement about baby's, & there unpredictable sleep patterns.
Quit writing about it. They know. They always know. Don't even think about how good sleep is, either. They know that, too. Babies are stealth-like-sleep-ninjas.... they know when you get complacent and they will steal your nights. And days. No more jinxing!"
Being that I am an expectant mother & expceting to not get much sleep, & just became a Aunt to my super cute niece who has not always given her parents the same gift of sleep, this was an hilarious & accurate quote.