Friday, September 3, 2010

Pregnancy rant in 3...2...1...

First I want to thanks everyone for the helpful advise & suggestions. I love helpful advice.I'm getting tired or advice like "just wait it will never be the same" or "get your sleep now because you will never get sleep after the baby" that... one gets a DUH!!! The best has been "buy your gadgets now" What gadgets???? We aren't gadget people.

I still don't understand why parents & women don't support each other rather than cutting each other down & making a huge comparison game out of parenting. No wonder why children are self conscious, from the very moment they are born they are continuously judged by others,& often don't meet others standards. Why can't we just let babies grow at different rate, talk at different ages,& walk in their own time.

No one gets a gold metal at their child first birthday. It's not a game it's your life. More importantly it's your child's life.

That feels better. I have been holding that in since the moment we made our pregnancy popular knowledge.

I will get off of my pregnancy soap box now.

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