Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sneak peek

I have had many requests for pictures of our nursery. My plan is to do a before & after of the nursery once all the details are in place. As we still have a few elements to figure out & create it will still take us a while to complete all the detail before I document it photographically. For those of you who are asking for pictures, here is a little sneak peek. I first want to apologize for the iPhone pic. It was all I had with me upstairs in my craft room, and as the stairs are not really my friend these day, I was not wiling to run downstairs for my point & shoot.

The pic is of an acorn I made out of felt for a mobile that I am altering because I was not able to find a mobile that fits with our theme, and color scheme. I bought a second hand mobile, and I removed the animals that came with the mobile, and converted them into cute farm animal toys, by removing their cords they were hanging from. Now I am making new objects out of felt to coordinate with our nursery theme & linens. I hope it all comes together soon, and can share all the details with you.

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