Thursday, July 22, 2010

Kimch'i Cafe

Today my husband & I went to Kimch'i Cafe on Albert. The open studio type setting with lots of natural light was a nice space to enjoy lunch. Half the space is used as a yarn shop, and the other half for food service. I had been hearing rumors that the food was amazing, and was not disappointed. We both had a Korean sub. I chose to top mine with beef, and Al choose Spicy pork. I really wish I had taken a picture of the sub, but was so excited when it was delivered to our table that I just dug in. The homemade bun, was warm & had a nice thin crust, making the sub easy to eat. The bun is piled with julienne carrots, cucumbers & daikon. The beef was tender and flavorful, and everything was topped with melted mozza, and a delicious, not too spicy, chili mayo. The spicy pork was wonderful to. It had a nice flavor & the spicy zing worked well with the crisp veggies. For dessert we brought home homemade Whoopie pies. I chose the chocolate with marshmallow & Al chose the red velvet & icing, both were super yummy.

I hope to return soon to try the other yummy sounding options. The B3 (Bibimbap) sounds & looked great. I am intrigues with the Korean tacos, and the Make your Own Salad at only 5 $ sounds like a excellent deal. The only draw back we found, was that it's only open during the lunch hour. I think that it would make a nice venue for a dinner out on a weekend.

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