Friday, July 23, 2010

Kraut King

Today was the last day to enjoy a meal at downtown fave Kraut King before it closes its doors. The long standing restaurant has been dealing with rising crime in the area chasing away business. I had never had the chance to visit the Kraut King. I decided to take in the last day, & it looks like I was not alone. I unfortunately had a poor experience today, but I understand that this is not the usual situation. The staff appeared out of sorts, and having a difficult time holding things together. Once I finally got my meal, It was very tasty, but a bit greasy for my liking. I wish I would have experienced The Kraut King before it's final days.

It makes me so sad to hear about local businesses that are having a hard time making ends meet after so many years of lucrative business, only to have the city let them down. Alcoholism & drug addiction is not a problem that can be continually pushed aside. People with addictions deserve respect. The City has to understand that these issues need to be dealt with at the root of the problem, & not just sweep under the carpet. There needs to be programs that not only provides programs to deal with addiction, but additionally provides further services to help them regain a life without addiction. Until the true problem is delta with there will never be a solution.

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